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    A better equivalent of the XRUHAKXS cable
    cost reduction by 15% – 20%

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    Cable advantages over XRUHAKXS

    Lower weight

    better cooling

    Smaller radius
    of bend

    up to 20% lower
    purchase cost

    prolonged current carrying capacity
    of the power conductor

    Higher short-circuit current rating

    Our offer


    dysponujemy odpowiednim certyfikatem
    (Certificate of the Warsaw Institute of Energy for conformity with the Polish standard PN HD 620 S2:2010), Test report BBJ-SEP for the TUBULAR™TUB-AX cable

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    Cable fittings

    The fittings recommended for the SICAME’s TUBULAR™TUB-AX cables, both joints and heads (indoor and outdoor), for all conditions, used in all industries

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    Standard parameters

    Working Vein

    Class 2 aluminium

    Screen on the vein

    Semi-conductive PE


    Cross-linked PE

    Screen on insulation

    Semi-conductive PE

    Screen surround

    Water-tight semi-conductive band

    The return vein

    Special aluminium tubing

    Radial seal

    Al band with PE copolymer, lengthwise


    Thermoplastic PE

    Test voltage

    3.5U0 /5 mins

    Partial discharge intensity

    max 2pC/2U0

    Core temperature for long-term load


    Maks. temp. żyły roboczej przy zwarciu 5 sek.


    Maximum pulling force for the working strand

    30xS (S=wire core size), kN [kN]

    The lowest permissible temperature of cables during laying


    Min.bending radius

    13 d (d = cable O.D.)


    Electrical power transmission over lines with a maximum rated voltage of U0/U (Um) = 3.6/6 (7.2) kV; 6/10 (12) kV; 8.7/15 (17.5) kV; 12/20 (24) kV; 18/30 (36) kV

    Structure and application

    • XLPE insulated single-core cable
    • Transmission and distribution of electrical power at rated voltage of Uo/U 6/10 kV, 12/20 kV, 18/30 kV at 50 Hz.
    • Electrical power supply for transformer substations and small to medium industrial plants.
    • For distribution systems, power generating plants, and voltage transmission systems.
    • The cables are intended for permanent installation in lines with unlimited vertical drops, indoor systems, ducted systems, trays, and shafts, on racks and structures directly below the ground, and in pits, and also in petrochemical and mining facilities.

    Alphanumerical encoding of the TUBULAR™TUB-AX XRUHAKXS cable
    Cable (K), for electrical power application with aluminium core (Al), radial field (H),
    XLPE [cross-linked polyethylene] insulation (XS), sealed lengthwise (U) and radially (R),
    thermoplastic polyethylene sheath (X)